Q: Which hotel am I staying at?

A: First night of the event you'll stay in Tallink Conference & Spa Hotel (Sadama 11a, 10111 Tallinn).
For second and third night we'll have a short ~1hr bus ride to the Nelijärve Puhkekeskus (Aegviidu). Most of the people will stay at the venue location, but because of limited accommodation capacity, we have to accommodate some of you in neighboring accommodations (we'll offer regular and fast shuttle buses between the places).

Q: I've made an error filling in the rego, how can I fix that?

A: Send an e-mail to mismanagement@eurohash.eu with details of what is wrong, and what is should be instead. Don't forget to include your Hash Name

Q: I haven't recieved my confirmation e-mail yet, what is wrong?

A: Three things may have gone wrong;

  1. The mail may have been caught by your spam filter, check that
  2. The e-mail adress you provided isn't correct
  3. Your company doesn't allow mail from automatic responses

If you believe the cause is either case 2 or 3 (or something else), send and e-mail to mismanagement@eurohash.eu detailing your problem and we'll try to fix it

Q: Why am I not listed on the 'Who's Cumming' list?

A: First of all; you're not fully registered until you have paid in full and we have your money, and remember payments are sometimes delayed by up to several banking days. Second; it is a manual process to verify the Who's Cumming list before publishing, so it may make take a few days for your name to appear

Q: I've paid butt I'm not on the 'Who's cumming" list.

A: The list is not updated in real time, we have jobs to do during the day and we don't check it every night.  If you paid more than a week ago and still can't see yourself and you are still getting emails demanding that you pay up then email mismanagement@eurohash.eu. Please include details of the transfer, screen shot from wise or your bank or anything else that may help us figure out what has happened.

Q: I've received an email saying I haven't paid.  It's months until the event, can't I pay later?

A: No. There are a number of reasons for this but chief among them is that we have to start paying for things very soon, deposits for the venue and to reserve busses etc. For this we need your money.

Q: I've registered and paid but now I can't come, can I get a refund?

A: No, but you can sell your registration, there should be plenty of Hashers on social media that are happy to buy your rego. After you have finished the transaction, both seller and buyer need to send an email to mismanagement@eurohash.eu with your respective details, and we will then update the 'Who's cumming' list. 
Keep in mind that we require a 25€ rego transfer fee. All the income from rego transfer fees will be donated to a local charity.

Q: Is there a theme for the Saturday night party?

A: YES! "Blue and white" 

Q: How do we get to and from the main venue?

A:  Take a taxi or tram to and from the airport, or walk from the harbour

Q: Do we need to bring anything?

A:  No

Q: How do you say ”cheers” in Estonian?

A: Terrible Sex or Table Sex (or Terviseks if you rather prefer that)

Q: Where’s the venue?

A: We’ll stay at the Tallink Conference & Spa Hotel (Sadama 11a, 10111 Tallinn) for the first night (see map for details).

Second and third night will be at another location: Nelijärve Holiday Centre
Nelijärve 4 Aegviidu parish 74501

We will provide transportation to the second venue and then back to the first venue on sunday (and possibly a bus that goes straight to the airport if there is a need for that.

If due to international diplomatic tension travel to Tallinn is impossible due to either international travel advice or restrictions, it will be considered a force majeure and no money will be refunded. 

Q: I have a dumb question that isn't on this list, what should I do?

A: Ideally keep it to yourself, we're too busy to answer dumb questions.  Try Googling the answer or stop drinking long enough to let one of your brain cells work so you realise just how dumb the question is.  If you are still determined to ask it then email us at ihaveadumquestion@eurohash.eu  If we remember to set up the email address and anyone can be bothered to look at it between now and August you may get an answer, although you might not like it.